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Not Able to Crack CA Exam? 6 Effective Tips For Your Next Attempt

Do you find the CA exam difficult? Failed to pass the exam last time? If yes, then no need to worry. There is always room for improvement, and if you follow the right plan, then chances are you can achieve your dream. There are some mistakes which you might have committed last time. So, it is better not to repeat those again.

Some of the major mistakes which most of the aspirants make during their preparation are given below:

1) No regular study

If you want to clear the CA exam, then studying regularly should be the key to success. Last time you might have taken breaks when you should have been studying. So, this is one of the most common and significant mistakes which you can commit. Although it might be boring studying for twelve or fifteen hours initially, you will be able to make it your routine with time.

Suffer for a few days if you want to relax throughout your life. To make studying your routine, you can enrol yourself in the best CA institute in Chandigarh. Moreover, many institutes like RMS are also offering online CA Coaching Chandigarh if you want to prepare from home with the help of experts.

2) Missed reviewing the previous study

The best way to retain topics and concepts in mind is to revise them at the end of the day. You might not have followed this in the last attempt, but now you can do it. Don't lose hope because every attempt brings you a new opportunity to fulfil your dream.

3) Lack of confidence

Lack of confidence can make you believe that you can't attempt the question, which can make you nervous, and many aspirants go blank while sitting in the exam due to nervousness.

The feeling you can get when there is a lack of confidence is you won't remember the answers to the question you know. You might doubt every option that you choose.

This is what might happen to you in the last attempt. Do you want to repeat the same mistake? No, Right? So, don't lose confidence at any cost.

4) Not setting a small target

You might have set large targets for your work or study. It is not good to start with bulk. The best way is to divide your syllabus into small chunks. In this way, you will be able to retain what you study. If you set large targets, then the possibilities are you won't be able to retain much. So, don't make this mistake.

5) Distractions

The next mistake which you most probably made can be getting distracted by the virtual world. At a time when you have to study, you can't afford to get distracted by the television, social media, and so on. Use the internet only when you want to clear the doubts.

6) Exhausting yourself

Taking rest is essential; otherwise, you won't be able to concentrate properly. Take breaks while studying. Don't make the mistake of exhausting yourself by studying at a stretch.

Don't lose your hope because you can achieve your dream by just not making mistakes. Keep these in mind, and you won't fail the exam. Here are some tips for you.

1. Prepare in advance

2. Study for twelve to fifteen hours

3. Revise past year papers

4. Avoid social media

5. Join test series

6. Choose the right CA Coaching in Chandigarh 


So, these are a handful of tips that can help you to achieve your dream. So, start preparing now and achieve what you want. Don't miss out on anything and don't repeat the mistakes which you made earlier. Stay focused and start your preparations today without any further delay.

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