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All about CA Intermediate

CA Intermediate is like the second chapter in your CA journey. It is critical step that bridges the gap between the CA Foundation and CA Final.

After Foundation, you step into this level, facing two groups, each with 3 subjects.

Group 1 covers 3 subjects : Advanced Accounting, Corporate and Other Laws , Taxation.

Group 2 covers 3 subjects : Cost and Management Accounting, Auditing and Ethics, Financial Management and Strategic Management.

It's like unlocking the next level of your accounting superpowers.

Why It Matters:

Completing CA Intermediate is a big deal because it's the stepping stone to becoming a full-fledged Chartered Accountant. This phase fine-tunes your skills, getting you ready for the final challenge.


What to Expect:

In CA Intermediate, get ready to dive into more details. You'll learn about different parts of accounting, businesses laws, cost management, tax handling, and more.


Choosing Your Learning Path:

Not sure where to learn all this CA Intermediate stuff?

Well, RMS CA Coaching institute is here for you. They offer classes you can attend in Chandigarh, or you can go for CA Best Online Classes and CA Best Recorded Classes to study from home. Pick what suits you best – it's like choosing your favourite way to learn.


Dear all CA Aspirants CA Intermediate is the next cool chapter in your CA journey. It might seem tough, but with the right help and a bit of effort, you'll do great. Take it step by step, and soon enough, you'll be getting ready for the big finale!

Officially becoming a Chartered Accountant! Good luck on your CA Intermediate journey!

RMS CA Coaching by CA Anny Middha


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