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+1 and +2 Commerce Classes

Pursuing 11th and 12th in Commerce is a crucial step toward a successful career. The right guidance and resources are essential for academic success and future prospects, whether it's B.Com Hons, CUET Exam, CA, ACCA, Law, MBA, or any other professional path. RMS provides the best platform to build a strong base in Accounts, Economics, Business Studies, and Maths, helping students pursue their dream professions and achieve merit in Board Exams.

 Don't underestimate the power of class 11th and 12th; they are the bridge to your dreams.
Every lesson is a step towards success – take each one seriously."

Class Features

1. Subject expert faculty

2. Comprehensive coverage from basic to advanced concepts.

3. Regular weekly tests to track progress.

4. Maximum revisions for a solid understanding.

5. Full syllabus tests with detailed student performance charts.

6. Integration of both theory & practical concepts.

7. Rigorous practice with a focus on the latest syllabus.

8. Personalized attention to individual learning 

9. Interactive learning in small batches.

10. Flexible options with a choice of offline & online classes.

Subjects We Teach 




Business Studies




Applied Maths

Our Team

Rashmi Sain, CA Foundation, Economics & Statistics.png

Prof. Rashmi Sain

25 years of teaching experience and a roster of over 1000+ successful students.

Ashwani Ranaut, CA Foundation, Mathematics.png

Prof. Ashwani Ranaut 

MSc ( Hons) Maths P.U
(10 Years of Teaching Experience)

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