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The game of graphs and formulas can easily play tactics with your brain. After all, there is only so much that your cognition can take. But fear not, dear students, for this game becomes very easy to play, once you master the manoeuvres.

The first trick is to be extremely thorough with all the properties and relationships. Having this knowledge imprinted in your mind will help you in the long run.

The second trick is to develop an addiction to your calculators. Use those counting machines for every numerical. Become addicted to it like you are to your phone.

The third trick is to have an immaculate command over your formulas. They should be engraved in your mind in such a way that even in a sleep-deprived haze your brain can recall them.

The fourth trick is to stay consistent in your approach. The ultimate challenge lies in never giving up and overcoming this challenge will be your biggest step to success.

And the final and the most important of all, REGULAR PRACTICE. A knife is sharpened by continuously grinding it against the stone, so grind your brains with the most difficult of numerical and watch your potential grow.

Remember, Statistics can be the most scoring part of PAPER- 3 for CA FOUNDATION and if wielded perfectly, can be your key to scoring the perfect 💯

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