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What to do if your May 2020 Attempt is Postponed?

This is the most asked question by all the students whose May 2020 attempt got postponed. In light of this situation, we resort to provide you a one stop solution for all these queries. Hope it helps!!!

Here is the answer to all such thinking:

  • Stay Focussed – Yes! Stay Focussed as you were before! Your Exams have been postponed, not your Dreams.

  • Re Reschedule your time table again !!!- Reschedule your time table once again! You have got one more chance to outshine. Work on the subjects in which you were not confident. Strive to work on those subjects.

  • Be positive -Yes, the current situation is taking heavy troll on your mind but just be surrounded by positive thoughts. Surely it will calm down your anxiety. STAY POSITIVE!

  • Stay Healthy, Stay Fit- The prime most factor is the way we are living our life. It is imperative to stay healthy and fit and keep our immunity level to the highest. Stay and eat healthy, practice yoga and meditation daily to heal your mind and soul.

  • Join Test Series- Yes you can take the advantage of test series to refresh your concepts and Revise once again all the topics in short span of time. So, what are you waiting for? Join now, call us on 9988056377 to learn more about such batches.

On 1st August 2020, RMS is conducting a Session on Preparation Strategy for last 100 days to clear CA Foundation in Nov 2020. You can register for the same by visiting at or call us at 9988056377.

PLEDGE FOR FOUNDATION STUDENTS- “Yes I got one more chance and I will make most of it”

So, all the best to the all of you. Stay motivated and continue to shine and crack your attempt in First attempt!

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