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Want To Become A CA? Is It Possible To Crack It In One Go?

Many of you must be aspired to become CA? Right? Then one question must cross your mind overtime you hear about CA. Is it too tough to crack the exam? No, it is one of the toughest exam but the right strategy can make you clear it in one go. Let’s have a look at our different stages of the CA exam. There are broadly 4 stages that you have to clear to become a CA. 1) CA Foundation This is the first level for those who are just done with their 12th class examination. You have 5 months to prepare for this entry-level exam. If you’ll follow the right strategy you can clear the CA examination after preparing for 2 months. 2) Intermediate level If you are done with your graduation then you can skip the first level through the direct entry scheme and can appear for intermediate level. You will have 9 months to prepare for the exam and to crack it. This stage requires some professional guidance if you want to crack it in one go. CA coaching institutes know the roads already and the thing which you have to do is to just walk on the guided path. And you will reach your destination. 3) Articleship If you are done with one of the two exams of intermediate level you are edible to start your articleship training. If after becoming a chartered accountant you are looking for respectable major companies, do not hesitate to do your articles in big business as well. 4) CA Final Now you can register for the CA finals after completing all CA intermediate classes. But the applicant needs to clear the Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (AICITSS) to appear for the test. Then after understanding different stages for the CA exam, the most crucial thing is to make a strategy to clear them. Wondering about what should be your strategy to crack the exam? Want to know it? Here we have discussed how you can clear the CA foundation exam: Tips to prepare in 2 months 1. Divide the Syllabus into chunks as per weightage and set a time limit for each part. Do those first which have more weightage. 2. Join a fast track batch or CA test series to bring discipline to your preparation. 3. Practice ICAI Module, RTP, MTP, and Previous Year Questions at least 2 times. 4. Attempt a full syllabus mock test. (to get yourself familiar with the pattern and have a glimpse at how you have to manage time)

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