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Want to be a CA? Save 6 months

New Notification by ICAI, now current 12th students can appear for CA Foundation in

May’2021 attempt

Start Preparing in Class 12 - The Secret to Become a CA

As per the recent notification by ICAI, dated 13th Oct 2020, students who would be appearing for 12th Board Exams in Mar 2021 can appear for CA Entrance Exams by 6 months in advance.

Here is RMS guide on how you can prepare for 12th Boards and CA Foundation Exams in 2021

Start coaching for CA Foundation from December 2020 and complete a major portion of Accounts, Economics, Law and Mathematics by Feb 2021. This would also build your concepts for 12th Board Exams. And then after board exams join a test series and Fastrack batch.

RMS provides you with all this under one program.

It is well said that if you have a dream to achieve, you have to plan smartly. Same is with the case of becoming a CA, along with hard work you have to do smart work also.

And if you are thinking about what is the ideal time to start preparing for your CA, then you should start from day 1 of your class 12th.

Looking forward to being a CA in one go, then this article will act as a torchbearer for you.


CA is not a piece of cake, but it is not impossible to crack if you follow the right strategy. You can take help of professionals by enrolling yourself in the best CA Coaching Institute in Chandigarh. And if you are looking for such an institute then RMS is the right choice for you.

Now let’s have a look at the plan you should make and follow to ace the exam.

1) Create a balance between your class curriculum and CA

Life is all about creating a balance, and so does becoming a CA. You have to create a balance between preparation of your academic syllabus for 11th or 12th and CA as you can’t afford to ignore any of them.


You must have to be determined enough only then you can clear both otherwise you will end up with frustration and confusion. So the very first step of the planning is to be clear whether you want to pursue this or not. Then you must be clear enough to know whether you can manage both or not.

If you are not clear or you can’t manage both then don’t worry, you can pursue your CA preparation once you are done with your 12th class.

2) Join coaching classes or online programme

You can do either of them as per your needs and convenience. But just ask yourself two questions -are you able to crack the exam by yourself? Or you need some professional guidance to crack it in one go? And your answer will decide the course of action.

And if you are looking for the best CA Coaching institute, then RMS can be your one-stop for sure. They provide the best faculty for their aspiring students and also offer special CA test series to make the students well aware of the level and pattern of the CA exam.

Their test series are a way to check whether the students are prepared or not. And if for any reason you are not able to give your best in the test series the faculty members will tell you the areas where you have to work a bit more to ace it.

3) Mange the time properly

For managing your time properly, you can make a schedule by dividing the hours and writing what amount of time you will spend on which module. And keep in mind a healthy brain has a way to memorise all. If you keep on exhausting yourself, you will end up with nothing in your hands.

In a nutshell

So be smart and give your brain rest when required, don’t overburden yourself. Take a break on the weekend if you want.

So, now you have the blueprint, all you are supposed to do is to follow it and achieve your dream. Just stay focused and believe in yourself that you can do it. The magic mantra to keep your mind on track is to repeat ‘I can do this’ frequently. As this will bring optimism in you and optimism has a way to do wonders.

To get professional guidance, get yourself enrolled with RMS - CA Coaching Institute. What is better than being under the guidance of a CA? RMS has helped many CA aspirants to create their success story. So, now it is your turn to create yours. Choose the best institute and you will get the results you want.


So, start your journey and focus on doing both hard work and smart work. With the required handwork and proper strategy, CA will be the piece of your favourite cake.

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