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Title: CA Intermediate Pass Percentage : A Snapshot of the Last Five Years

The journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant is marked by the challenging CA Intermediate examinations, a crucial step in the process. Let's take a simplified look at the pass percentage trends over the past five years, analyzing the data for both the old and new schemes.

2019 May (Old Scheme):

Total Pass Percentage: 19.03%

Both Groups Pass: 14.65%

Only Group 1 Pass: 21.8%

Only Group 2 Pass: 1.9%

2019 May (New Scheme):

Total Pass Percentage: 36.88%

Both Groups Pass: 17.69%

Only Group 1 Pass: 31.7%

Only Group 2 Pass: 17.11%

2019 Nov (Old Scheme):

Total Pass Percentage: 15.47%

Both Groups Pass: 12.09%

Only Group 1 Pass: 20.1%

Only Group 2 Pass: 1.54%

2019 Nov (New Scheme):

Total Pass Percentage: 19.3%

Both Groups Pass: 22.49%

Only Group 1 Pass: 17.87%

Only Group 2 Pass: 14.37%

2020 Nov (Old Scheme):

Total Pass Percentage: 12.62%

Both Groups Pass: 1.81%

Only Group 1 Pass: 11.75%

Only Group 2 Pass: 15.11%

2020 Nov (New Scheme):

Total Pass Percentage: 22.63%

Both Groups Pass: 17.09%

Only Group 1 Pass: 25.64%

Only Group 2 Pass: 21.85%

2021 Jan (Old Scheme):

Total Pass Percentage: 6.32%

Both Groups Pass: 0.37%

Only Group 1 Pass: 5.11%

Only Group 2 Pass: 7.95%

2021 Jan (New Scheme):

Total Pass Percentage: 14.76%

Both Groups Pass: 9.83%

Only Group 1 Pass: 12.95%

Only Group 2 Pass: 18.67%

2021 Dec (New Scheme):

Total Pass Percentage: 23.09%

Both Groups Pass: 0.91%

Only Group 1 Pass: 5.39%

Only Group 2 Pass: 16.79%

2022 Nov:

Total Pass Percentage: 20.91%

Both Groups Pass: 12.72%

Only Group 1 Pass: 21.19%

Only Group 2 Pass: 24.44%

2023 May:

Total Pass Percentage: 19.07%

Both Groups Pass: 10.24%

Only Group 1 Pass: 18.95%

Only Group 2 Pass: 23.44%

Key Observations:

The pass percentages have seen fluctuations across the years, influenced by factors such as the scheme of examination and external conditions like the global pandemic.


The introduction of the new scheme in 2019 brought about changes in pass rates, with varying success in both groups.


The data also highlights the consistent effort of students in maintaining a balance between Group 1 and Group 2 pass rates.

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