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CA Foundation Strategy to Score!

THINK, ACT AND ACHIEVE. Yes, any course and study require appropriate planning. So, all the CA FOUNDATION NOV 2020 students don’t worry as we have a plan for you all to grab this attempt and make it your last!


The subject is horrifying! Yes, specially to those who haven’t taken Maths as a subject upto 12th. But don’t worry students we can still deal with this phobia!

How can we make the most of this subject and score maximum?

Focus on scoring and easy topics like Ratio and proportion, Equations and matrices, time value of money and sequence and series. Give these chapters first priority. These constitute 50 percent of the paper and are easy too!!!

After this cover the difficult topics such as permutations and combinations, sets functions, calculus, indices and logarithms.

These again constitute 50 percent of this paper so prepare well and give extra time to these topics.

How to start?

· Focus on concept by attending any Faculty regular sessions

· Solve illustrations corresponding to the concept

· Solve the back exercise

· Solve latest MTP and RTP for ensuring enough practice.

LOGICAL REASONING, very very scoring (target atleast 16 marks out of 20)

This part is more of practice based and logical in nature. This subject requires application in the questions with strong reasoning skills. This can only be developed by appropriate practice. There are few topics in this part which if done in a planned way will surely ensure success. Number series, odd man out, coding decoding are general topics which require daily practice by a student. Direction test, seating arrangement and syllogism too requires enough practice and conceptual clarity at students end. This part is more scoring as compared to maths. So daily practice questions from these topics. 10 questions per day is enough to invoke your reasoning mind. So, what to wait for? Grab this part.


Sounds difficult being very formula specific and calculative! But you can definitely get along with this subject by practicing and making formula sheet for all the chapters. Prepare a formula chart for all the topics and daily practice some questions from each part. Paste the formula chart at your study table and get along with the stats part easily. This will not only help you in revising the formulas but will help you the apply them in the appropriate situation.


Cover BCK firstly as this subject is scoring and can secure your marks by 40. It consists of 6 chapters which if covered in the shortest span of time can make you confident with this subject.

Firstly, cover chapter 1 and 2 which is basics and business environment. This is the most scoring area.

After this go for chapter 4 and 5 as they are little difficult in comparison to other,

Lastly go for chapter 6 and finally 3 as chapter 3 requires more learning. So, clear your concepts first and secure a footing in this subject, leaving learning part later.

Practice questions from back exercises and MTP.


Now after this go for economics. You have already done this in 12th so why to worry. The Topics like theory of demand and supply, Production cost, markets and business cycles. It just requires concept revision and go through new concepts at this stage. Solve back exercises and MTP.



Still, looking for a guiding light which will be with you throughout the journey? Then guess what? You have the option to be under the guidance of experts and can achieve your goal in time. Thinking about where to go and have such guidance? RMS is the place for you where you can turn your dream into reality.


For any doubts, counselling or to join our Fastrack and CA Foundation Revision Batches contact us at 9988056377 &

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