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CA Foundation Passing Percentages: A Journey of Challenges and Opportunities

Before you read this, please know that this article doesn't aim to scare you. While becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) is challenging, RMS is here to provide you with strategies and plans for a successful journey. Feel free to contact our experts at 9988056377 for free counselling anytime. Let's begin!


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Over the past five years,the results for the CA Foundation exam tell a story of determination and improvement.

As 2018 was the first year of the new CA Foundation exam, the exam had undergone changes, replacing the Common Proficiency Test (CPT). Candidates had to adjust to the new format, which included both subjective and objective questions.

As per results in May 2018, things started tough with only 19.24% of students passing. But in November of the same year, there was a big improvement, and the pass rate reached an impressive 44.12%.

In 2019, the CA Foundation results showed a significant improvement from the May attempt to the November attempt. In May, only 18.58% of candidates passed, with both males and females having similar pass rates around 18-19%. However, in November, the overall pass rate increased to 35.1%.

Moving to 2020, the November attempt maintained a similar pass rate of 35.03%. Male candidates had a slightly higher pass rate at 36.11%, while female candidates had a pass rate of 33.88%.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the May 2020 attempt was rescheduled to January 2021, resulting in a decline in pass rates.The impact of COVID-19 was clear, overall pass rate dropped to 24.89%, affecting both male (24.91%) and female (24.85%) candidates.


However, by December 2021, candidates showed determination, and pass rates improved to 30.28%.

In 2022, pass rates went up and down again, showing how the CA Foundation exam can change. The June 2023 attempt faced a small setback with a pass rate of 24.98%.

Looking at the performance of male and female candidates, there was a consistent difference across the attempts, showing that more support and equal opportunities are needed.


In conclusion, the passing percentages reflect the hard work of aspiring Chartered Accountants. Even with challenges, like those caused by COVID-19, candidates showed they can adapt and overcome. The difference between the percentage of male and female passing the CA exam shows that everyone needs equal help and encouragement to succeed.

The competition for these results is clear. The CA Foundation exam is tough, and the changing pass rates show how competitive it is. The demand for CAs is high because of the challenging results, making the CA qualification honored and valued in the professional world.

Becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) might be tough, but it's super important because world really need skilled finance experts. The journey may be tricky, but it brings new chances and success for those wanting to be Chartered Accountants. Keep going!

RMS wishes you good luck!

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