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12th Exams have been postponed. When and how should I start preparing?

Amid the growing chorus for the cancellation of CBSE Board Examinations due to the record spike in Covid-19 cases in India, the govt has decided to postpone the CBSE Class 12 board exams and cancel the Class 10 exams.

During the peak of Covid – 19 induced pandemic, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), the statutory body that manages the CA profession in the country, had gone ahead with exams on time in physical mode.

So, how can a CA Aspirant best utilise this time? Read on the following 2-minute article by our Expert, on the strategy to be followed for best utilisation of this time.

Considering the importance of time here, you can start CA Foundation Coaching now and initially focus on topics that are common in CA Foundation and 12th CBSE exams, eg Partnership Accounts, Differentiation, Basic concepts of Economics.

Whenever the CBSE board updates about Exams you can take a break from CA Preparation and focus on 12th Boards, as these are very important for good college admissions.

After the exams take a few days break and resume your preparation for CA. You are ahead of your peers and would be able to complete the whole syllabus by September. And will still have 45-50 days for CA Exams preparation and mock tests.

RMS Punit Commerce Academy has a ready-made schedule for you. Where syllabus sequence has been fixed considering the above points.

RMS CA Foundation program includes Coaching by Professional Experts, Study Material including Previous Year Papers (so you need not waste time or money on extra books), and Test Series to give you a competitive edge over others.

For any details or queries please feel free to contact our Student Coordinator at +91 9988056377

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