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Pen Drive classes or Satellite classes- a hit or flop show for CA foundation preparation?

CA is undoubtedly one of the most popular career choices of students after opting commerce.

This requires the students to go through an entrance test called CA Foundation. While studying for CA most students face the dilemma of whether to go for regular classes or pen drive/online classes.

While online classes are preferred by most students because of the ease of access and cheaper cost, some prefer regular classes over it as it helps you learn new things and get useful information by socializing with like-minded people.

Every coin has two sides. Let us discuss some reasons for this technological advancement in education which have become a matter of debate in concern to whether online classes are beneficial for CA aspirants or not.


It’s good:

1. Comparatively cheaper: Pen drive classes are comparatively cheap as compared to regular classes. A student who cannot afford the fees of regular classes can opt pen drive classes and study as per his convenience and time table.

2. Saves travel time: Suppose if one is residing in some other part of the country and he comes to know that the classes in a particular area have qualitative teaching instead of commuting from one place to another he will choose the easiest option of going for online classes.

3. Access to best faculties of the classes: It is a myth that only regular classes has intellectual faculty with them. There are experienced professionals out there who expose them with concepts which are practical implemented in CA.


It’s bad:


1. CA Foundation students are very new to this field. It is difficult for them to adjust to virtual classes at such a small age and in a small time.


2. Be serious when it comes to pen drive classes as no one are going to scold you or advise in person in case of pen drive classes. In addition to this one can opt for a reputed faculty who is willing to clear your doubts through Email or WhatsApp him.


3. A student has doubt in anything the online teachers don’t bother to clear them after the session is over whereas in a regular mode a student can interrupt the teacher within the class and ask his questions and queries. Moreover, it can enhance the knowledge of the entire class having the same doubt.


4. How will you know the competition if you are studying alone: CA Foundation exam or any CA exam focuses on clearing the concepts and check where you stand in the competitive era where lakhs of similar students are preparing as you are preparing.


5. Tests: Regular classes helps you evaluate your performance either on weekly or monthly basis. One can work on the weakest areas first than the least weak areas to secure better scores.


 All in all, if one has control over himself then one can go for it. One must take mock practically enrolling himself or herself in any course.

Course classes must be conducted in such a way that the students or learners must feel they are progressing in terms of result and would recommend other people to join these classes because of the immense contribution made by the teacher by helping him excel in the path he or she has chosen.

The new methods can be used focus on attempt or for revision purposes or when you are struggling to start a professional experience.

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